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Our Creed

Doing things differently since day dot.

We've always operated differently. With the planet at our heart. But for us, this means more than just promises, it means putting our money where our mouth is to make sure we're uncompromisingly good for our customers, and uncompromisingly good for the planet.

Imagine if great tech didn't come with destructive downsides. And imagine if every company used their business as a vehicle for positive change, to inspire others and improve industries.

That's why we're in business.

Currently the web hosting industry is dominated by two faceless corporations, who have gobbled up the competition to create a situation that is unfair to customers and harmful to the planet. But, we're here to show that there is a different way. As the UK's largest independent hosting company, we've come a long way in making sure our business is as fair to our customers as it is to our planet.

However, we know there's still a long way to go to change the industry for the better, so we'll continue to push forwards and drive real, meaningful change.

Ready to join us in building a better world?

Join thousands of businesses who have already made the switch.